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ECI Services

Established in 1997, ECI Services provides customized services for permits and advisory services for environmental compliance, handling due diligence and patents practice. The forte of this division includes Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), technical studies, report for compliance with environmental law and adjudicating pollution violations and cases.

Mission Statement

•    Prepare high quality technical studies and reports for clients
•    Ensure timely release of documents from government agencies
•    Maintain proper liaison with government agencies
•    Manage client relationships in a proactive and professional manner

Service provided:
1.    Environmental Compliance Studies (for ECCs, Environmental Clearances and Permits:
       - Conduct of Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs) for Industries, Commercial Establishments and other concerns located in environmentally critical areas
       - Conduct of  Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for Heavy Industries, Resource Extractive Industries, Infrastructure Projects, Mining, Land Development Projects, and other Projects
       - Environmental Compliance and related due diligence Audits for Industries and other enterprises (for ISO 14000 and pre-aqcuisition due diligence)
       - Hazardous and Toxic Substance Review and Analysis for consumer goods and products
       - Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental management Planning

2.    Environmental Planning & Management Services
       - Land-use planning and resources management
       - Social Acceptability Designs of Development Projects
       - Solid Waste Management Planning , Air and Water Quality Analysis

3.    Environmental Legal Services
       - Environmental law compliance, pollution adjudication and general legal and permitting assistance;
       - Patenting and copyright of environmental products and technologies
       - Environmental legal Assistance for environmental firms and companies’ Environmental legal research and opinions for research projects